PROJECT GOAL : Craft an easily recognizable brand that showcases the superior quality of Gruschow Grinding’s work and help build the stability and reliability for not only their current customers but future ones too. Build this into a marketing campaign and also create a custom website as an online home for future clients to find out who they are.
  • marketing
  • web design

As a growing company in the Finger Lakes Region, WBR NY is always looking for ways to grow their company and divisions. The current marketing strategies we use for them include marketing essentials such as brochures, flyers, yard signs, vehicle lettering, and custom merchandise design.

Cruisin Keuka Main LogoWBR NY Yard SignsWBR NY Trailer Graphics

One of the first things we did for WBR NY was create an online home for their business. Building this website to keep in mind that we would be building a website for divisions in the future was one of our top priorities. It needed to clearly outline what WBR NY offers, their experience in construction, reviews, images and also a place for future employees to apply. Our goal was to keep everything as seamless as possible for users, so that they clearly understood how to work with them. Take a look!

One of the WBR NY divisions, WBR Painting needed custom vehicle graphics for the minivan.

One of the WBR NY divisions, WBR Painting needed custom vehicle graphics for the minivan.

As WBR grows their divisions, we work with them to create branding for each of those that is unique, but still fits under the parent company. WBR Windows was the first division we worked with, and we started by building a clean bold logo to communicate the quality and efficiency of their work.

WBR Windows Main LogoWBR Windows TruckCruisin' Keuka Logo

Brand Colors

Moderate Green

Using the branding we created, we moved into building a brochure to help customers understand when it's necessary to replace their windows and guide them through the process.

Cruisin' Keuka Rack CardsCruisin' Keuka Truck Magnet

Building a website that ties into the WBR NY brand was next on the agenda, and we used the proven framework of guiding the website visitors through when they should replace their windows, why they should do it and followed up with WBR NY results. This website links to wbrny.com in case anyone wants to get other work done, too.